This is the first e-book that I read on my kindle which I bought on 10th November 2017. And shameful, I did not buy the book but downloaded it from the internet.

It’s pretty convenient to read on kindle, and yet there are also a lot of cons to read on an electronic device. The pros is that, I can read it every where, because it’s light and small. I can take with me everywhere. Though, I didn’t took it with me very often. The e-ink screen gives you a similar experience to the experience of reading on a real book. I once complains the size of screen that it’s too small to read a book. But now, I found it really a perfect size for reading. The small size make you focus on what you’re reading. But on the other hand, It make me hard to turn back pages to where I want to review. Though, there’s a search button, it seems not help. I complains this, because I don’t really remember very much about the content of the book. If it’s a paper book, I can turn pages back to what I’m interested in currenty and do some review. But I can’t do that on kindle. Maybe, you should not expect to do things like review and turn back randomly. Kindles are suppose to be used to read some novels, which are to be read only once and left behind.

Then let’s turn back to the book Sapiens. It’s really a great book which is quite different from other historical books. What make it different is that it does not just list historical facts and analysises what you have already know. Actually, it’s not just a book about history. It’s a book that reveals the opinion of the author on the history. The viewpoints in the book are quite differenct from that of other books. To be honest, I don’t remember very much about the book. I read the book just to finish it during the end of the book. This reminds me a questions on zhihu. You can access it by the link. The first thing that blowed my mind is that there were once a lot of human species existing on th planet. And Homo sapiens as we are, is the only exant one. There might be a lot of fight between different human species in prehistory, just like what we see in the wild. The second things that renew myself is that the author ask that, why we should study history? In the past I would answer that to take the history as a mirror and to lead you to the future. The answer doest not mention what kind of future are we heading toward to. The book does not neither, but it has tried.

In the end, I have a question: why we read? Jack Ma said he does not read very much, but He becomes a “successfull entrepreneur”. He once said that, reading is not things that you shold do to be successfull. If you like reading, just read. If you want to find some answers, you can read also. But we can’t expect that reading will make you rich or something relate to success.